Publish Your Own Exams

Using Boson’s established exam publishing and delivery capabilities, you can take a certification exam that you have written, publish it, and make it available to the world. And if you haven’t written one but see a need and would like to fill that need, you’ve come to the right place—our tools can help you get started. The aggressive royalty structure, set up through Boson, offers you a great way to generate new income for yourself through your partnership with Boson.
Boson is an established name in the IT practice exam industry; however, Boson Exam Publishing can deliver almost any practice exam, in any industry.

Self-Publishing Through Boson Exam Publishing Is Easy

  • Complete an application online—there are no setup fees.
  • Write your exam.
  • Format the document as required.
  • Send your document to Boson.
  • Sell your practice exam through the Boson Marketplace, where it will be available to millions of potential customers!

Benefits of Self-Publishing

  • Capitalize on your expertise.
  • Enhance your professional credibility.
  • Generate a new revenue stream.

Get Started

  1. Click My Account and create a new account or log in to your existing Boson account.
  2. Click on the Author Info tab.
  3. Review the Author Agreement and tell us what exam(s) you would like to publish by filling out the Product Application.
See our current Author List.