ExSim-Max for Cisco 300-101 ROUTE

The Cisco 300-101 ROUTE certification exam has been retired. See the current product for Cisco's CCNP certification(s).

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5 stars A must!!!
12/6/2019 6:42:28 PM - Daniel - West Melbourne, FL US

After failing the CCNP route exam, I wondered where I went wrong. I passed CCNA and CCNP Switch on the first attempt but none of the material I used for the Route exam covered the topics to the extent that they appeared on the exam. Very frustrating. Even though the material I used was good (INE, Network Lessons, Chris Bryant, OCG), they all seemed to just cover mainly the core subjects. However, it was sections 5 and 6 of the exam topics for CCNP route that they all seemed to fall short. I used Boson for 2 1/2 weeks after failing several times and passed!!! I just bought the TSHOOT now. I'll say, I was skeptical at first but after trying it out it's well worth it! This is not a brain dump. It is material that thoroughly covers the exam topics and makes you dig deep.

5 stars A very necessary study tool
6/19/2019 2:52:54 PM - Shaun - Olathe, KS US

I was originally not going to purchase these exams based on the reviews but after reading a lot of success stories in the /r/CCNP reddit forums, I decided to give it a try. These practice tests really put me in my place and I failed every one of them my first time through. Reading the answer explanations thoroughly really helped and the tests overall gave me a good idea what I was weak on. I was able to pass the CCNP route exam on my first attempt. The difficulty and format are definitely where they need to be to gauge your success for the exam. Just make sure you read the answer explanations and understand why the wrong answers are the wrong answers. I will buy the SWITCH and TSHOOT exams for sure and plan on taking both before the refresh in February 2020.

5 stars An Accurate Barometer of Preparedness
4/26/2019 11:03:16 PM - Maximilian - Austin, TX US

There seem to be two types of Cisco exam-takers. Those who find the exams challenging but fair and those who feel cheated by them. This division also seems to extend to Boson's practice exams.

Simply put, this is worth $99. It's the most accurate practice test I've encountered. In certain scenarios, it's arguably more difficult than the real thing.

Like any other study aide, the practice exam is a tool. The practice exam alone won't lead you to a passing score on the actual test, but it will prepare you to think like a Cisco test author. Part of the reason these exams are so difficult is because it's incumbent upon you to interpret the intent of questions, something Boson has very successfully emulated here.

My methodology was to utilize the practice exams in the final phase of my study for ROUTE. I took all three exams about three or four days apart and had my nose bloodied, went back to the topics where I was weakest, and took them again. I then went into crunch mode and would take a random exam every couple of days. Even if I knew the answer due to memorization, I tried to understand why it was the correct answer--made easier by Boson's incredibly detailed breakdowns, including references to official Cisco docs. I sat the exam and passed on my first attempt.

Don't let the negative reviews dissuade you. If you're motivated to earn your CCNP, these practice exams are a great resource. And if you fail the actual exam after reliably passing the practice tests, you can take advantage of the money-back guarantee. What have you got to lose?

2 stars Not Good Enough
3/5/2019 8:26:02 AM - Lee - SAN DIEGO, CA US

The simulations in the Boson product are way to friendly with IOS cli commands compared to what IOS cli commands, in the test simulations, that were available when I took the exam. Cisco limits the IOS cli commands extremely compared to the Boson simulations, be aware. You also are going to need to study the complete topics, which the Exsim didn't seem to do for me. A couple areas were never brought up at all. I spent a month with the product, have many years as a network professional but this product with my experience and hard preparation was not enough. Buyer be warned, you'll need more.

Cisco, if you are listening, I believe the persons writing the questions don't use English as their first language as they are very hard to understand what is being asked in the question. I didn't know I was going to have an interpret English test, rather than a Cisco technologies test.

2 stars If you need to pass the test then do not use this product.
12/6/2018 5:37:15 AM - Fraser - Hannover, DE

I just Failed and by the biggest margin that I have ever failed an IT test before and that was with 3 weeks of study for about 6 hours a day - even more than a course would take. the material is not even close to what you wil be faced with in about 150 out of the 170 questions.

If you just want this to improve your speed on a piece of hardware then use netsim and not this.

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