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ExSim-Max for Cisco 200-301 CCNA

Average Rating: 4 stars (40)

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5 stars I passed CCNA
2/9/2022 6:59:29 PM - reynaldo - ,

The questions I found here were a key to pass the exam. I passed it on September 2021.

4 stars Review 1
1/8/2022 3:23:29 PM - Sven - Rheinboellen, DE

First review after around 2 hours of usage.
I am missing the option to separate the questions based on the CISCO NetAcad Modules. This would allow the students to review the material chapter by chapter. I am not completely through the CISCO NetAcad course and would like to adapt my learning progress to this learning tool.
I like the detailed explanations given for every single question.

4 stars ExSim-Max needs to be SaaS
1/2/2022 3:10:42 PM - Thomas - Phoenix, AZ US

I would like to download ExSim-Max Online - NEW! I've had the ExSim-Max for Cisco 200-301 CCNA for over a 1 and a half but I want to be able to go to ANY computer and use the web-based version. Is this possible or do I have to essentially order the same product to access the 300+ questions a different way?

2 stars Glitchy and doesn't allow you to review past tests at a later time!
1/2/2022 9:43:35 AM - Joshua - Tampa, FL US

When I would go back to review questions prior to submission, I noticed that a few of the questions I answered were unchecked somehow (on multiple tests). I then would check the answer again, move forward and back to ensure my selection stayed. It did not on both tests.
Whatever your score is, add 20 points minimum. to your results.

For $100 and only getting 300 question pool, you should be able to have a history of the practice tests you took to review. If you close the test, and browser session, that's it. You can't go back to review the test. They expect you to sit at the computer for two hours taking the test and then another 2-3 hours reviewing it. Pretty dumb for those of us with families and lives.

5 stars Couldn't have passed teh exam without this!
12/29/2021 10:56:18 PM - Al - , US

Great product. It's not perfect. No prep software is, but I truly couldn't have passed the test without it. Exsim really prepared me for the test, not only with the gaps I needed to fill in but how to go about studying and choosing my answers. It's a great tool to use. I plan on using Boson again for CCNP.

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