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Customer Reviews

ExSim-Max for CISSP

Average Rating: 4 stars (3)

5 stars Wonderful.
12/21/2021 3:11:59 PM - Marc - ,

You've heard "a mile wide and an inch deep" when it comes to CISSP. Boson will teach you how to swim a foot deep, so that the inch-deep water of the exam will feel easier. Provisionally passed today.

2 stars Not like the CISSP at all
9/29/2021 3:04:20 PM - sar - ,

This system is good if you need to test yourself on the technical material but it is absolutely nothing like the CISSP. I took the CISSP exam yesterday and passed, but don't feel that the Boson quizzes were that helpful for me.
If you don't have a lot of experience with timed test taking, then this is probably helpful. But do not think the Boson tests will be like the actual CISSP.

5 stars Excellent
9/16/2021 11:09:57 PM - cm - Nope, UT US

Well done Boson.