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ExSim-Max for CISSP 2020

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5 stars Just what I needed before the exam
6/18/2021 7:30:58 AM - Stephen - ,

The Boson questions were so infuriating at times I thought that someone must have lost their minds. I understood the method to the madness when I took the exam because the insanity of the questions in ExSim for CISSP were the perfect preparation for the insanity of the questions on the actual test.

A friend described the test as Bizaro World and he was right.

2 stars Marginally helpful
4/14/2021 9:22:01 PM - Matthew - ,

The product will help you get an idea where you are weak at. But it also contains multiple wrong answers and bad questions.

5 stars Passed CISSP exam April 2021
4/12/2021 11:55:45 AM - Dustin - Little rock, AR US

I do not know if this product will be updated for the new CISSP exam in May 2021 but this was my main practice test resource when studying and I took exams until I was getting mid to high 800s on all of my exams and easily passed the exam at 100 questions.

5 stars Very Helpful Tool
1/12/2021 4:18:57 PM - Ahmed - ,

Boson Exams is very helpful in training your mind for the exam

2 stars Questions are not representative
11/27/2020 6:05:50 AM - Erwin - ,

I really enjoyed the questions with a good explanation of them. However, many questions are "hard on the facts" while the real cissp questions are more about insight. It's a good learning tool, but it does not prepare well for the actual exams.

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