Product End-of-Life Information

Boson strives to deliver content and technology that accurately reflects the current certification environment. Due to certification updates and technology innovations, products mature over time and are replaced with modern versions. The purpose of this document to is provide information regarding product retirement or products reaching end-of-life. Upon retirement there will be no updates of any kind to the product. Upon end-of-life, technical support, product activations and access will not be available.
ProductExamsLast Sold*End-of-Life
All Desktop (Download) Products
(Current products are delivered via online apps. Desktop installation is no longer required.)
NetSim v12 All TitlesAny7/31/20217/31/2024
NetSim v11 All TitlesAny4/30/20214/30/2024
Courseware delivered via Drumlin Javelin PDF reader
(Boson's e-reader app replaced Javelin delivery.)
NetSim for CCENT v10100-101 ICND16/2/20168/31/2022
NetSim for CCNA v10100-101 ICND1
200-101 ICND2
200-120 CCNA
NetSim for CCNP v10300-101 ROUTE
300-115 SWITCH
300-135 TSHOOT
NetSim v10 All Other TitlesAny20188/31/2022
NetSim for CCENT v9100-101 ICND19/11/20148/31/2022
NetSim for CCNA v9100-101 ICND1
200-101 ICND2
200-120 CCNA
NetSim for CCNP v9642-813 SWITCH
642-832 TSHOOT
642-902 ROUTE
NetSim v9 All Other TitlesAny20148/31/2022
NetSim v8 All TitlesAny20131/29/2015
*Last Sold indicates the last date that Boson sold the product through traditional retail channels.
Technical support, product activations and access will not be available after the product end-of-life. The terms of your license agreement take precedence over any information included on this page.